Authentic Partnership. Intentional Growth. Uncompromising Impact.

The Builders Fund partners with growing companies whose business models address environmental and social challenges and where purpose can be harnessed for competitive advantage. With a rigorous approach to scaling impact, we aim to advance a more sustainable and systemically responsible form of stakeholder capitalism.

The firm partners with established, high-growth North American-based companies with revenues between $20-200m, positive cash flow, and values-driven management teams building activist brands and authentic cultures.  Thematically the fund focuses on Sustainable Systems and Human Elevation; to decarbonize the economy, help fix our broken food system, address access and affordability, use our finite resources more efficiently, and to create a more equitable, sustainable future. 

We are experienced operators and business builders ourselves, and our team of successful entrepreneurs leverages our collective expertise to guide and scale portfolio companies as they seek to address the pressing social and environmental challenges of our time.  Over thirty of Builders’ founding Limited Partners are former operators and entrepreneurs: “Builders”, committed to serving as operating partners to the fund and to supporting the entrepreneurs and leaders who are investing to build a better world.

Builders Fund is proud to be a certified B Corp since 2015.

Our vision is to build a better world through the profitable deployment of capital into systems-responsible companies.

A financial system overly focused on short-term, extractive behavior (driven by the assumption of the primacy of shareholder profit in a vacuum) has been a significant driver of the systemic challenges we face on the planet today. Yet, capitalism must be part of the solution.

Builders was formed to celebrate and support the entrepreneurs, leaders and “builders” that are crafting a better future. 

We believe that by generating exceptional returns through the deployment of capital into impactful, systems-responsible companies, we can help catalyze a more equitable & sustainable form of capitalism

Why Builders Fund?

For over a decade, the Builders’ team has consistently helped scale companies to generate significant value for all of our stakeholders. We have raised capital from similarly operational and values-aligned partners who also serve as operating partners (“Builders”) to the fund. The combination of our operational orientation and focus on emerging growth businesses sets us apart, as does our unwavering commitment to environmental and social outcomes.

Why B Corps?

How a business is run can be equally important to what it does. Builders Fund is deeply engaged with B Corp certification as a means to support continuous improvement on ESG factors to drive performance while also amplifying impact across the corporate ecosystem. We work with each of our portfolio companies to determine the specific strategy for leveraging B Corp status, develop a path to certification, and support each phase of the process.

Why Systems Responsible Companies?

We seek partners with values-aligned practices that generate shared value across their corporate ecosystems. This includes a purpose-driven management team committed to building a transformational business; the ability to engage employees through an authentic culture and customers through an activist brand; an inherently profitable business model purpose-built to solve social and environmental challenges; and the potential to scale as a platform in a key thematic area.