Do you believe business should improve the world? We invest in companies that do.

Private Equity with Purpose

The Builders Fund is a growth stage private equity fund investing around themes of sustainable food & agriculture, health & wellness, human elevation & resource efficiency. The fund is led by operationally-oriented investors leveraging our expertise to generate attractive financial returns through purpose-driven businesses. We focus on investing in high-growth companies whose products, services and supply chain intrinsically deliver positive social and environmental benefit.

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Our vision is to help solve environmental and social problems through the profitable deployment of capital into conscious businesses. We believe the future of capitalism is a more integrated, human-centered and systemically-responsible approach to investing and company building. We envision a sustainable financial system which values not only financial, but financial, human, and natural capital in balance.

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We partner with accomplished, entrepreneurial management teams to build companies with authentic, mission-driven cultures where people want to work and values-driven brands that consumers what to associate with. When we succeed, we create extraordinary financial, social and environmental value for our companies, their employees, investors, and the communities and customers they touch.

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Capitalism must be part of the solution if we are to fix the significant and intractable social and environmental challenges we face today. For that to occur, we must get back to investing in and building scalable and purpose-driven businesses which improve the world. To that end, we seek to partner with management teams in North American-based, consumer-driven companies around themes of sustainable food & agriculture, health / wellness, human elevation & resource efficiency.

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Our Core Values

We follow a simple set of core strategic values that we believe can help build a more sustainable, powerful expression of capitalism, while also generating exceptional returns for our investors.


Build with Purpose

We focus on purpose- driven companies led by impassioned management teams who aim to improve the world, not just extract wealth.


Built to Last

We take a long term view. Our focus is not to build businesses that need to be “sold”, but to build businesses that other want to associate with.


Partnership First

We view ourselves as partners, not financiers; Sustainable value creation is built shoulder to shoulder and in the trenches… not from a distance.


Shared Value

We seek integrated value creation through a stakeholder approach: by improving lives and promoting sustainability for both human and natural resources.

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Resources & Insights

Thought leadership. Inspiration. Impact. Some of the reading and thought leadership which is inspiring us in our effort.

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